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  • How do I change the Pawscout Tag battery?

     1. Remove the Pawscout Tag from your pet and place it on your palm facing up. 2. Take your other hand and lightly press the Pawscout between your palms. 3. The hand covering the front of the Tag ...

  • What is the Safety Map? How does it work?

    Pawscout's Safety Map gives you a bird's-eye view of the Pawscout community in your city and neighborhood. The color blue on the map represents Pawscout users in an area. The darker the blue, the m...

  • What is the Home view?

    We have redesigned your My Pets view to the Pawscout Home view. Here, you will find all your pets and possible lost pets that come within your range. Access your Profile by choosing the icon on the...

  • Should I remove the Pawscout Tag for swimming or bathing?

    Our Pawscout Tags are water-resistant, making them suitable for baths, rain or snow. However, events of extended exposure, such as swimming, can be harmful. 

  • Can I track my pet indoors with Pawscout?

    Pawscout uses a special radio called Bluetooth low-energy. While it is an amazing technology, it is highly susceptible to physical obstacles, including walls and furniture. It is primarily intended...

  • How do I know if my battery is low?

    The Pawscout App will alert you when your battery is low.  Also, if you push the raised button on the front of the Pawscout Tag and fail to see a blinking blue light (it's quick and easy to miss, s...

  • How does virtual pet leash work?

    Virtual Pet Leash allows you to set up a virtual perimeter between you and your pet. It is intended for outdoor use when you and your pet are outside.  You must be within 300 feet of your pet to en...

  • What are Pawscout’s Community features (iOS) and how do they work?

    Pawscout’s Community features are a new way of looking at your neighborhood and the pets who live there. The social features available through Community allow you to connect with pets over a wider ...

  • How does Pawscout work?

    The Pawscout Tag does not have GPS capability. As a Bluetooth-enabled device, your Pawscout Tag sends out a beacon from its spot on your pet’s collar that travels up to 300 feet in all directions. ...

  • How is the Pawscout Tag different from a GPS tracker?

    GPS trackers are larger, expensive, and usually, require a monthly or annual subscription and frequent charging. Pawscout leverages your phone’s Bluetooth capabilities and a network of Pawscout use...