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  • Richard Hernandez

    I hate the new version of the map. I liked the old version better! With the virtual leash, I knew where my pet was and could see him coming. Now, he could be 1 to 2 blocks away! And I don't know if it is tracking him or me! Give me back the old map, and keep everything else!!!

  • Daniela Aransáenz

    I recently bought a pawscout tag to track my cat, I'm android and I'm trying to set my location to see nearby pets, but this just doesn't work, 1 month thinking that my phone was the issue and now i realized that the app is the main problem. I'm upset and angry with that because I wait a lot of time to finally have it (I'm from other country), I can't belive that this post is from 2019, now is 2022 and still the same problem. Another issue is that sometimes my cat is next to me and the app is incapable to know that my cat is with me.

  • Vikki Stephens

    Because of people complaining of Google tracking them, now maps is so useless it's hard to trust any kind of tracking device even my cellphone.. Scout tag was still on my keys before I put it on my dog. After hours of keys lost I realized I could look at my phone to track the scout tag & keys were in the other vehicle 4feet away because they fell between truck parts.. had to dig deep. Plus it's actually a almost Dead zone there..


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