Software update for tags killed two of my Pawscout tags!



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    Thank you for reaching out to us. We look forward to solving your issue and making things right! Please respond to the ticket from

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  • William Steven Benz

    I'm experiencing the same problem I just bought mine four hours agoafter I updated it nothing is working

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  • Bruce Lankford

    same problem. Brand new purchase.

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  • Renee Gehrke

    Same issue - updated first tag just fine, but when attempting to update the second tag, I received a message saying "Oops something went wrong" and would not update.  When back on the Pet page, it stated tag will not work without the update.  Blue light will not flash, changed the battery, but still will not light up.  


    1.  When trying to order two name plates, system cannot do two plates in one order - must be done separately. 

    2.  Logged into Pawscout app on my phone just fine, but when I went to leave a comment, it said I had to log in (thought I already was).  After logging in again, nothing on the app would work except troubleshooting, which kept asking me to log in. 

    3.  Tried to log in then on my computer, and it said the ID and PW did not match what is on their record (mind you I am still logged in on my phone with the same ID and PW that I just tried to log into the computer with).  I had to reset my password.  I am now able to leave a comment.

    It seems to me Pawscout is having some serious software issues.  

    I hope Pawscout fixes their bugs soon, because right now I have a useless pet tag that wasn't cheap.

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