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    DJ Visaya

    Using Bluetooth technology, your phone is able to detect when your Pawscout tag is in range. For instance, if your cat roams within your range (200-300 ft radius), there will be a green circle around your point on the map. The blue dot you were familiar with has been replaced by the green halo that surrounds the icon of your pet. This means that your pet is in your range. Again, if you move and your cat stays within the 300 ft range, the icon of your pet will move. If you stand still and your cat moves around you, the icon will not move. However, it will stay green because your cat is "In range" or within your 300 ft radius. 

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  • Tammy Frisinger

    In the screen shot I am standing at the location of Leo’s icon in the lower left hand corner and Leo is in the upper left corner about 50 ft away.  As I walk around the lawn the Leo icon moves with me and it does not move with my cat who is wearing the Pawscout!!!!  WTF?

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  • mrmagloo

    I just got my Pawscout too for my cat and I'm experiencing the same thing.  I told my neighbor that I bought this contraption and I'm testing it.  We have 1+ acre lots and I know our cat is in the across the street neighbors back yard by the lake.  That is approx 800 feet away, clearly out of range.

    So I turn on the app, and it says last seen momentarily - Even though he's been over there for at least an hour.  So I go to the map, and I see his icon centered at our back door. I'm assuming that was the last known. So I walk around to our back door just to ensure he hasn't scooted back quickly, and he not there. But as I walk past or through his icon, suddenly his icon started following me around.  I walk around my the perimeter of my yard, and the icon follows me, but as I scroll back to the pet listing screen, it says hes still not in range.

    What is the deal with this?  

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  • Sherman Carla

    Well my name is Carla I buy  2 to pawscout And only one got register in the works on my pet very good but the problem is my second pawscout on my dog don’t want to get register the pawscout Is registered  but is not tracking my dog where is it when I take my two dogs for a walk  only one is tracking my dogs and my other  is showon some other place that is not even in my house so I don’t know what else to do I contact them and told them the issue so I just hope I can hear soon from them

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  • Rrtfr Rrtffr

    I hate the new version of the map. I liked the old version better! With the virtual leash, I knew where my pet was and could see him coming. Now, he could be 1 to 2 blocks away! And I don't know if it is tracking him or me! Give me back the old map, and keep everything else!!!

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