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Pinging ability and light up feature



  • Official comment

    Thank you for the sharing this story and we're elated to know that you managed to find your dog. Adding a flash/light feature for the tag has been a popular request from our Pawscout users. To make ourselves aware to drivers at night, I have attached a reflective sticky dot to my pet's tag so that she can match my shocking orange reflective vest.

    Remember, to further safeguard your dog, you want to share Pawscout with as many people in your area who are willing to help you if your pet goes missing. In the case that she wanders off again, you can mark her as 'Lost' and the other Pawscouter will be alerted when she gets within range and will be urged to contact you.

  • Brice Benes

    @DJ so why hasn’t this been implemented?


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