This has been such a mess of an experience




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    Thanks for your input and giving Pawscout a try! We apologize for not mentioning to create a separate login for the same pet on different phones as it creates confusion for the tag. This warning will be something we look into - thanks!

    As we answered when you wrote to our customer support site, Pawscout's range is 300 ft. So if your cat goes on his neighborly adventure, the last known location would be where he stepped out on the street. While visiting his friends through the neighborhood, he comes into range with a neighbor that has the Pawscout app, his location would be updated on your map.

    Remember, Pawscout leverages your phone’s Bluetooth capabilities and a network of Pawscout users to safeguard your pet. Even if you do not have a large Pawscout community in your area, you can quickly create your own micro-community to protect your pet by sending share invitations to friends, family, neighbors, and caretakers.

    GPS trackers are larger, expensive and usually require a monthly or annual subscription and frequent charging. Pawscout is $19.95USD with no monthly fees.

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  • James A Thomson

    These questions makes sense for asking and writing into the community, so that we (other Petscout owners) now know this info. Thanks Jacksondestiny1

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  • Dave Jamison

    The first one I bought I thought was bad so I bought another one, Support !! Follow up !! I'll send you some crayons so your kids can draw pictures for instructions. The problem here is that I told other people with service dogs to about paws lost have your kids send me those instructions I am sure that they would be better.

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